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Āyurveda is an integrative and alternative preventative health & wellness medicine which takes a 360-degree view of a person’s innate composition (prakṛuti), and acquired composition (vikṛuti), diet and lifestyle to generate courses of action to help the person feel well.

The benefits of Āyuveda lies in diet and lifestyle. It can manage chronic conditions by stimulating positive thinking, balancing the biological pathways and by nourishing both, body, and mind. Nourishing food and nurturing lifestyle is all you need.


What's Included In Our Plans

1.Primary Consultation: a comprehensive Ayurvedic health plan is determined to address your health goals.
An all-inclusive 120 minute-hour initial consultation where your state of health is determined. We look for the innate state of balance metrics and evaluate the parameters that are influencing the imbalance. Our Ayurvedic assessment methods include pulse reading, tongue examinations, daily habits, health history, body type determination, digestion, diet and intake, state of mind and emotional balance. 
Upon completion of examination, we will provide your comprehensive health report. Specific guidelines for diet, daily and seasonal routines, exercise and lifestyle modifications, yoga, breathing techniques, herbs, body rejuvenation methods and therapies to foster health and vitality will be reviewed.

2. A 30-minute report consultation: a detailed Ayurveda assessment report, herb recommendations and lifestyle and dietary guidelines (within a week of the primary consultation).

3. A 60 minute follow up visit: to review your state of health, the recommendations, and discuss your progress.

Follow up consultations are scheduled 2-3 weeks from the report consultation to support the path of well-being. Includes a comprehensive assessment, herbal formulas recommendations, and provide nutritional and lifestyle support.
All sessions can be in-person or online.

Cancellation Policy: Kindly send an email to Surrasa at with a notice of your inability to make your appointment at least a day beforehand. This will enable another individual to utilize the reserved time slot for prompt medical attention. Failure to communicate changes or cancel within the 24 hour timeframe will result in a $75.00 fee for a missed appointment.

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