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Mango Butter - The Moisturizing Master

Ingredient Monday: Mango Butter

Mango (Butter)

Botanical name: Mangifera indica


I can bet you’ve tried mango before - but have you tried it without eating it? It’s a delicious fruit, but mango actually provides a ton of health benefits even beyond consuming it.

On this Ingredient Monday, we’re going to spotlight a very special ingredient here at Surrasa - mango butter! Mango butter is a substance made from the extracts of mango seeds that are then pressed to create the “butter”. It’s described as a plant-based emollient, since it’s a fantastic source of fatty acids and moisturizing antioxidants. Stearic and oleic acid dominate the fatty acid profile of mango butter, and it’s no coincidence that fatty acids are crucial in keeping our skin looking hydrated and healthy.

Mango butter is amazing for the skin, but don’t just take our word for it: here are some facts.


It’s been shown that mango itself is a rich source of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants [1]. In fact, if you took a look at the nutritional facts for a serving of mango, you can see that simply 100 grams of mango contains most of your daily recommended dose of Vitamin C! Beyond Vitamin C, mango is also an amazing source of Vitamin E, Vitamin A, folates, and copper.

From Mango To Mango Butter

So mango is a super healthy fruit. But what does this have to do with mango butter?

Studies have shown that “exotic lipids/fats obtained from de-shelled, pressed fruit kernels of . . . [the] mango . . . tree are beneficial ingredients and have many attributes that make them suitable for skin care” [2]. This particular paper found that mango butter, among other similar butters, was beneficial for repairing skin, especially for those with sensitive skin. Because mango butter has bacteriostatic, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory activity, this ingredient is PERFECT as a curative and protective medicine. Pretty cool, right?

To get even more scientific, “[the] high percentage of tocopherols, phytosterols and triterpenes in the mango butter significantly reduce wrinkles and roughness of the skin while the repairing and protecting properties open up possibilities to formulate caring products for sensitive skin.” [3]. Most of the people in this study saw remarkable benefits from the antiseptic, healing, soothing, and cooling actions of mango butter.

Foot Cream?

Not only that, but mango butter is an excellent moisturizer. The paper noted that mango butter “...rebuilds a naturally occlusive, protective skin barrier and actively replenishes moisture for better skin protection...leaving the skin silky, smooth and hydrated” [2].

That’s a lot of words, but to put it simply: mango butter really works. In fact, mango butter was used in a foot cream for the same study that investigated any potential negative effects. On the six healthy volunteers who each had different foot ailments, almost all of them saw significant effects in replenished moisture for their skin.


It’s clear to see that the benefits of mango butter are almost endless. Mango is obviously a wonderful fruit, and since kernel content in mango varies from 54 to 84% [4] - the main ingredient in mango butter - it logically follows that mango butter inherits some of its predecessor’s amazing properties.

One day, we'll have a mango butter costume as well.


As a non-comedogenic (this means it won’t clog your pores!), skin-friendly, and antibacterial ingredient, we had to make sure we included mango butter in our formulations.

Check out these Surrasa products that contain mango butter below!

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