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The Friends Characters' Doshas: An In-Depth Analysis 🤓

If you've watched the show Friends before, you've definitely caught wind of the show's cast and their strong personalities. Each character stands out in their own unique way, and brings a special touch to the renowned show.

Here at Surrasa, we wanted to take a minute to complete a fun exercise - what would the Friends' characters doshas be? (If you don't know what doshas are, read more here to find out, and take our quick quiz to find your dosha!)

We've done some super scientific analysis below. Keep reading to find out!



Ross Geller, Ph.D., is sweet, caring, has an awkward sense of humor, and most notably has a nerdy and sarcastic personality. His questioning abilities ultimately make him a Pitta–Vata.

Pitta represents fire: Ross is fiery, leader, assertive, talker, and a self-promoter, but when his pitta is not in balance he is impatient, irritable, jealous, and domineering. He gets angry very easily! He seems to find people irrational if they won't conform to his point of view. He also has Vata-like (space and air) characteristics as well, though - clumsy, oversensitive, and socially awkward, and when not in balance, he easily lies to save himself. He can be paranoid, insecure, and be overly corrective of people's grammar.


Rachel Green is very creative and constantly full of new ideas, but she can also can be a bit extreme. We've ultimately decided that, like Ross, she is a Vata-Pitta!

Rachel is very self-involved (pitta), but also a very flighty (vata) person. Like a true pitta, she is decisive, independent, very fiery, active, strong. When pitta is out of balance, she is prone to anger and known to be a pushover - think of the 18-page letter she wrote to Ross! While she can sometimes seem deceitful and averse to responsibility, she has a witty, snarky, and sarcastic side to her personality, mostly directed towards Ross (vata traits! and pitta imbalance). So will they get married in the comeback 😱


Joey Tribbiani is well-loved for being a good-natured, charming, and well-meaning friend - but not so bright! We've decided he is vata-kapha.

Like a kapha person, he mulls things over for a long time before deciding. He's happy with the status quo! He respects other’s feelings and has genuine empathy. He loves food, and seeks emotional comfort from eating. Due to his vata side, he has a lot of trouble with understanding negative criticism and can be simple-minded and/or childish.


Phoebe Buffay-Hannigan is known for her bohemian lifestyle, silly wit, and guitar playing in Central Perk. Her personality is a Vata-Pitta type, but more vata than pitta.

She is extremely frank (pitta), but her chaotic childhood and traumatic past probably influenced her vata characteristics or imbalances. She is creative, musically inclined - a very strong vata trait. Her openness to the existence of paranormal phenomena and willingness to consider the most bizarre pseudo-scientific theories also point to vata traits. Like a pitta person, she is determined to take command of a situation.


Chandler Bing is notable for his sarcastic and witty sense of humor. He is definitely a strong pitta-kapha!

Chandler is the most financially secure of his friends. He is very determined, focused, responsible, and reliable. He is emotionally immature, which can point to a pitta imbalance. He suffers from commitment issues, can be neurotic, and is extremely defensive with humor as his shield. His mistrust of people in adult relationships and paranoia - all point to a pitta and kapha imbalance!


Monica Geller is also a Pitta-Kapha - in a way, she epitomizes stubbornness, is very opinionated, but is above all, strong and secure. She's compassionate, kind and takes care of everyone.

Being intense and competitive, I would say her dominant dosha is probably pitta(remember when she threw a plate in a fit of rage during a game of Pictionary and claiming "rules help control the fun")! But she's also a realist, a planner, and a decision-maker. When not in balance, she can be hard to be around and becomes irritable. She has a nervous side to her - a minor vata trait. On the other hand, she's an extremely dependable person. That's her kapha nature!


Thanks for reading! Leave a comment below and let us know what you think about our analysis. 💜

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